Have I lived enough?

I have fallen in love with every particle of my existence.
Given my everything.  
Left heartbroken, soul burnt to ashes. Lost my self. 
Found my self.

I have been free and traveled the world.
I have been detained and left alone with my thoughts. 

I have lived in dream cities; climbed corporate ladders in dream buildings.  
I have been homeless; hit rock bottom in scattered pieces. 

I have been loved and cherished. 
I have been used and abused.

Haven't I lived through enough?
Why am I still paying to take up space?
What is there left for me to experience?

I see moms holding their newborn child and saying it's the best moment of their lives. 
Although I wish I could also have that one day, I'm not sure it would be fair. 
Every child deserves the best, and I am unsure if I could provide that, especially if I'm not around. 

They say:
"Cheer up, there is so much more to live for."

But is there?

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