Here we go

dark, but lovely. 
upsetting, but enlightening.

I bought this domain when the name randomly came to me one night at a hotel in Nashville. I wasn't sure what it would be, why I thought of this name, who it would be for, or when it would be something. 

I loved the name. I bought the domain without thinking. 
No one liked it as much as I liked it. That kind of hurt; I felt like "dark sunshine" summarized me in a sense. The term resonated with me. I felt if people didn't understand it, they didn't understand me. 

Now I made this website without thinking.
So I guess I'm doing this to reach someone that thinks no one else is able to understand them. I'm doing this to reach someone that does understand me. But most importantly, I'm doing this to reach my self. 

I want to share my journey of discovering self-love. Whether it's a big action or a small detail, every act of kindness towards yourself matters. 


This is my self-love project, and I encourage you to share yours as well. 

This website might be unfinished, yet it is still published.
As time goes on, it will improve. This symbolizes the rawness of its core. 

Take for it as it is, because it is what it is, right now. 

We create art in our darkest hours. It's painfully beautiful.
No matter what your art manifests itself as, I want to help you share it with others.
It's scary, but we're letting go of fear.
It's what keeps us in toxic relationships to begin with. 
Come here, heal yourself, heal others.